Here’s a sneak peek of what to expect at SevenGen 2019


Day 1 - Thursday

Opening Ceremony - Welcome speeches and performances

Keynote Speech -  Roberta Jamieson, CEO Indspire

Networking Reception

Day 2 - Friday 

Welcome Address

Plenary Session - Climate Change, Energy, and Indigenous Communities: How does climate change relate to the energy system and people? What solutions are communities able to pursue?

Breakout Session - Renewables: challenges and opportunities in Indigenous Communities

Evening Social - Relax, unwind and enjoy your surroundings with your new found friends. An evening of socializing, music and laughter is to be had!

Day 3 - Saturday 

Plenary Session - Indigenous Energy Changemakers: Meet the brilliant minds that are making impacts in their local communities and across North America

Workshop - Idea to Action: Learn how to make your plans reality with our interactive pitching and action plan workshop

Innovation Jam - The Innovation Jam, a crown jewel of the Student Energy experience, is an interactive and innovative session where real-world problems are solved

Evening Social - Enjoy an evening of live entertainment with our special guests!  


Day 4 - Sunday 


Plenary Session - Young Indigenous Leaders: Be inspired by amazing youth who are making an impact in their communities

Plenary Session - Living the Energy Transition: How do we build resiliency and empower those around us in times of transition

Closing Ceremony - Summary of the insights gained during our time together and closing remarks by the Student Energy team