About the Summit

The 2019 Indigenous Student Energy Summit will raise awareness of challenges and opportunities in Canada’s sustainable energy transition from the perspective of Indigenous youth. SevenGen will engage youth in Indigenous-led energy solutions and provide mentorship, academic, and career development opportunities for Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth.

Indigenous peoples across North America have long been stewards of the land, with this strong relationship forming an intrinsic part of our identities. As youth of the seventh generation, we feel a renewed responsibility to protect our environment, as water protectors and guardians of all creation. Through SevenGen, we hope to strengthen relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth from diverse backgrounds, share knowledge across cultures, and ensure that the wellbeing of land, water, and all the life within it remains at the forefront of discussions about energy.

How did SevenGen start?

At the International Student Energy Summit 2017 in Merida, Mexico, Indigenous Youth Summit Co-Chairs Cory Beaver and Disa Crow Chief, first shared their vision for the Canada-wide Indigenous Student Energy Summit. The Student Energy Indigenous Youth Summit will unite communities, build relationships, and break social barriers in the energy conversation. The movement will empower Indigenous communities to lead and live sustainably through the intersection of energy, food, water, and the transition to a sustainable economy.

The name SevenGen is inspired by the Lakota prophecy that says the seventh generation are the ones that will bring and lead change. Indigenous youth today are the seventh generation who can and will lead change and restore peace. As we lead this summit and aim to inspire youth and all energy leaders, we want encourage them to embody another part of the seventh generation principle that says the decisions we make today should be sustainable seven generations into the future.


The Sevengen Summit has now ended for 2019. If you would like to get involved with Student Energy or start your own project please contact olivia@studentenergy.org.

If you are interested in volunteering before or during the summit, please contact cory@studentenergy.org.

For sponsorship opportunities, please contact meredith@studentenergy.org.